Having to work on multiple things on multiple projects while moving onto a new place and being sick at the same time is exhausting.

One thing that a lot of people think about Game Design is that it’s easy, that you get to play games all day and make your own kinds of games. It’s quite literally the opposite actually, yes while it does often give you a lot of decisions on the game you are making the truth is that you can’t make a game for yourself if you want to sell it. You have to think about other people, consumers and especially your coworkers. Indies don’t have to deal with this that often but the point still stands.

Since I am currently working on a small indie team I, like a lot of other members of the team. Have to wear a lot of hats, everyone has to do multiple things. While my main thing is indeed Game Design I do have to do a lot of other things too.

I am horrible at blogs, lemme just vomit here what I have been doing for the past week or so. I’ve been working on the concept document of “A Snail Tale” which we will be using as our basis to show off the game to officials and potential publishers. I have been sick twice, right now it’s a lot worse thou. I’m moving to a new place and there’s constantly delays, electrical problems, piping problems, internet, godda paint stuff and it’s all just such a chore…it’s an old building so I forgive that, I’m sitting at my old place with nothing but a computer, TV, chair, mattress and some miscellaneous stuff.

Working with seriously talented and cool people is really fun, we never really have any major conflicts and keep working together. With Summer rolling ever so close we can really speed up our process. Having deadlines, doing stuff that other people depend upon and making sure you do your work well is pressuring but I am still having fun, the product is getting closer and closer to be presentable to the public. In my personal life I have refound my love for some of my favorite rock/heavy bands, it’s a bit nostalgic and awesome listening to them again. Moment, I godda go vomit, I’m gonna be back in just a bit I’m gonna go vomit…

Okay I’m back. One thing I wanna make clear, my blogging skills suck. Oh wait…not that…Ah! Yes! “A Snail Tale”, the game project I’m working on. This fantasy beat ’em up is going to be great, we already have all the enemies, bosses, playable characters and levels outlined. We have the basic plot and characteristics of all the personalities of all the characters, all kinds of cool little secrets and easter eggs have been planned too. We’ve been working on this since October 2014 so we do have quite a lot, pretty much what we’re doing now is actually build the game now that we have the foundations of it. Everything’s going great on the project and-oh god I’m actually going to vomit, moment!



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