A New Day Arrives

Greetings, I am Topi “Tarranium” Aarnio. I am a Game Designer from Finland and this is my first blog post.

My main project right now is a game called “A Snail Tale”, right now there are five people working on it, including me. Me being the Designer, one Artist, one Musician and two programmers with one of the programmers also adopting the Producer role.

The game is going to be a beat ’em up combining a lot of the things that made the classics so great, kinda how Shovel Knight did the same for the 2D platformer genre.

I  plan on making this into a weekly thing, with more details coming next week. I have been having a hectic week working on multiple documents for the game and a lot of things in my life just making things busy, like moving. I’m probably starting the move next week but the preparation work has to be done.


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